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Member-elected trustee nomination

The Wooltru Healthcare Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees who hold a term of office for five years.  The Board consists of 10 representatives of whom five are appointed by the employers, Woolworths and Truworths, and five are elected by you, the member.

There is currently one vacancy for a member-elected Trustee and this provides an opportunity for you, as a member of the Fund, to nominate a fellow member of the Fund to fill this position.

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Trustee nomination form 

COVID-19 and your Healthcare Fund

Visit the Coronavirus South African Resource Portal at https://www.sacoronavirus.co.za or read further for more information.

Get your flu vaccination today!
Boost your knowledge and your family's immunity

This year we are advising that everyone has the flu vaccine in order to prevent you from being further affected, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read more about the flu vaccine preventative benefit.

What to do if you suspect that you may be infected with the coronavirus
First and most importantly, don't panic!
Secondly, CALL
your doctor or Hello Doctor before rushing off so as not to infect anyone else unnecessarily.

  • Hello Doctor (www.hellodoctor.co.za) - have a free chat with a doctor on call.

- If you have not downloaded and registered on the Hello Doctor app, now might be a good time to do so in case you need them in an emergency; or
- Dial *120*1019# from your mobile to request a call back from a doctor or send a text message to the number that they provide.

  • Phone your doctor who will discuss your symptoms with you and advise whether you should be tested for COVID-19.

What Fund benefits are available to members with suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection?
Both in-hospital and out-of-hospital care will apply as usual according to the benefit options. All tests done during the hospital admission will be covered as part of the admission.
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Background on the coronavirus

The new coronavirus epidemic that started in Wuhan, China, in late December is now in dozens of countries, including South Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that no country will be spared from the coronavirus. We answer some of the key questions about the virus, including how to protect yourself and what to expect.

How to improve your immune system to protect you from COVID-19.

We provide three important tips from experts on how to boost your immune system naturally: 
1. Get enough vitamin C
2. Improve your gut bacteria
3. Sleep more

Rather than focusing so much on trying to quarantine ourselves and prevent this disease from spreading - it's going to spread - all efforts need to be focused on what we can do to best prepare ourselves. We all need to be vigilant and there is a great deal that we can do to protect ourselves and our families and improve our health with a few simple strategies, one of which is by having the annual flu vaccine.

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Coronavirus South African Resource Portal


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The Wooltru specialist network consists of two types of network service providers:
  • providers where an agreement with the Fund is in place; and
  • providers where no agreement with the Fund is in place.

Where a network provider who has an agreement with the Fund has been consulted for a prescribed minimum benefit (PMB) condition, the Fund will pay up to the agreed rate. Where no agreement exists for providers on the network, the Scheme will pay up to two times the medical fund rate for PMB-related conditions - members will need to negotiate a rate with these providers.

Contact Details

All enquiries (Network Members)
0800 765 432
Fax: 021 413 0512

Client Service Team
(Saver and Comprehensive Members)

021 480 4849
0802 228 922
Fax: 021 480 4759


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