As a Wooltru Healthcare Fund member, you can choose to make use of additional products available from Momentum, part of Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited, to seamlessly enhance your medical cover. Momentum is not a medical fund, and is a separate entity to Wooltru Healthcare Fund. These voluntary complementary products range from a world-class lifestyle rewards programme, Multiply, to the HealthSaver account. These complementary products are not medical fund benefits. You can be a member of Wooltru Healthcare Fund without taking any of the complementary products that Momentum offers.

Plan comparison

See how you Multiply your money with each plan

Multiply your money   Multiply your money
None Clicks 2% to 12%
None Pick 'n Pay 2% to 12%
Dischem 2% to 12%
Dischem 2% to 12%
None Mango 10% to 30%
Fly Safari 10% to 30%
New Balance 30%
10% off gym fees
Virgin  Active 25% off gym fees
NetFlorist 7,5% to 15%
Nandos 10% to 25%
Makro 5% to 15%
Spotify 20% to 50%
2% Showmax 20% to 50%

Healthy, physically active and engaged members get the best discounts and cashbacks from our partners.

  • Multiply Premier fees
  • R278
  • R352
    Family of 2
  • R386
    Family of 3

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